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  • Get more bookings and significantly increase your earning potential
  • Achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll succeed as an artist and your business is secure
  • Become more proactive in achieving your goals
  • Eliminate the freelancer’s anxiety of not knowing when the next paycheck is coming in
  • The ability to focus on strategies that really work, instead of spinning your wheels on those that don’t



We’re PhotoMint. Our mission is to empower and enable photographers everywhere to achieve financial, professional and creative excellence.


Get Connected: Build Relationships to Drive Your Business is the ultimate career resource for wedding and event photographers. Discover the techniques high-end pros use to land jobs, increase their earnings and create a steady influx of new clients. Novices on the hunt for that ever-elusive first gig and established photographers can benefit equally from the information within.


The average photographer wastes a fortune on ineffective marketing, ignoring the one strategy that’s been proven to generate up to 75% of their income: networking. We all do it, but few do it effectively. “Get Connected” reveals the multitude of tools available to the photographer for building relationships, increasing awareness and achieving an in-demand status.


As a photographer who’s constantly sought after by the best planners and venues, you can pick and choose your clients and achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is secure. You’ll get more bookings, keep them coming, and have the freedom to rediscover the joy in your art.


No more dreaming. “Get Connected” shows you how to channel your passion and enthusiasm for photography in a way that creates immediate results.

I have already started networking with the newest vendors here in my area. They are sending me leads from the first day I met with them.

-Levine Tate”

The first thing I want to say is that this is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!! Not only is it full of invaluable information, but you are a great writer. It has just the right balance of straightforward factual information and honest advice, with a nice complement of lightness.

YOU ROCK! This is something that would be valuable to all vendors in our industry. It was a pleasure [to read] and I know I learned some things along the way, and was certainly inspired.

-Dina Balatti, CWC, JWIC “Bella Celebrations” (wedding planner)


  • Where to find new networking opportunities
  • How to get a consistent influx of new clients
  • Cost-effective marketing strategies that require little or no investment
  • The most common career pitfalls of pro photographers, and how to avoid them
  • How to identify vendors that will make great partners
  • Insider tips from a top photographer on how to become sought after by the best planners and venues
  • Design secrets to keep your sample albums on the top of the pile
  • How to take photos vendors will love
  • The one strategy proven to get you more bookings, fast

The content is very comprehensive and easy to read too. Such an inspiration for my business. Thank you for sharing those insights.

-Regina Buiarjo”


  • From the author of Get Published: A Guide for Wedding Photographers, a go-to resource for thousands of photographers worldwide
  • The host of the PhotoMint blog, where over 7,000 monthly go to find out how to run strong and successful photography businesses
  • Has been featured in Rangefinder, Professional Photographer, dPS and Business Insider
  • The owner and and manager of a successful photography studio, named by PPA as one of the top earning home studios in the country
  • Is well-known for her passion and enthusiasm in sharing successful business and marketing strategies with photographers

…It’s like listening to an old and amazing photographer friend…With this insight I can start to think about things that I would never think of. Thanks for all the help you’ve shared…it’s priceless and I’m actually implementing some of that advice with awesome results.

-Celeste M., Love That Photo

After reading Get Connected: Build Relationships to Drive Your Business I followed your advice and sent out some discs to planners I worked with last year. One of them called me back right away to refer a bride. I was stunned! I didn’t realize it could be this easy to get more clients!

-Peter W.


Get Connected: Build Relationships To Drive Your Business – 160 page eBook

      • Detailed step-by-step strategies for building a successful referral system

Bonus #1 – Vendor Marketing Checklist

      • The exact process we use to market every wedding and keep those referrals flowing in. Use as is or tweak it to your own workflow.

Bonus #2 – Figuring Out Your Top Twenty Worksheet

    • Stay focused and connected to the people who give you business.


This is EXACTLY what I needed right now. I can’t wait to start implementing the techniques. I knew I should focus on building vendor relationships, but now I know HOW to do it.

-Heather Harrison, photographer

This is one of the most resourceful sites [PhotoMint] I know of! Thank you TRULY for all you do!

–Jennifer Morais, Jennifer Morais Photography

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